Working From Home – Set Yourself Up for Success

If you are now working from home, it is an opportunity that can offer a lot of flexibility. However, it is a completely different experience for most people and takes some adjustments. Here are some helpful tips to make you successful in your new work environment:

Establish Good Habits

Distractions are everywhere and this seems to be more apparent when you are at home. Try and establish a dedicated office space. It is best to try and find a quiet space with limited background noise especially for conference and/or video calls. If you cannot find a quiet place, noise-cancelling headphones are always a good solution to help you focus. Make sure you treat video calls like in-person meetings. Try and avoid multitasking while on video calls and make sure you look professional.

Discipline is very important.

If you can, try and start your day at the same time each day. Keep some type of regular work schedule. Remember to try and maintain balance. Maintaining balance is one of the most difficult aspects of working at home because the work is always staring you in the face. It is important to remember to take breaks and get up from the computer to stretch. It will help you both physically and mentally. Without co-workers around, it can be very easy to forget to take a break.

Plan Your Day

This will help you minimize distractions and maximize your work time. The refrigerator, comfy bed, pets, kids or significant other can all be very easy distractions and before you know it you have lost an hour of your workday. A plan can help you accomplish your goals for the day. It is a good idea to try and have readily available snacks for consumption. Ultimately, it will be up to you to stay focused.

Get Some Fresh Air

Since you are no longer having to drive to and from an office each day, you will be surprised how easy it is at the end of the day to realize you never stepped outside. We have hot summers but try and remember to just step outside for a few moments and get some fresh air.

Don’t Take Care of Personal Tasks During Work Hours

Things like the laundry, planning dinner or spending time with your pets, kids or significant others are going to tempt you and distract you. Try and stay focused on the best and proper use of your time during your work hours.

Communicate Your Work Schedule to Family and Friends

Let your loved ones know what your work hours are going to be. Ask them not to disturb you unless it is urgent. Your home has become your new workspace so it should be treated no differently then when you were going to an office each day.

Keep the Supplies You Use Often Within Reach

Anytime you must leave your workspace to find supplies or files, you waste time and can get easily distracted. Store supplies near the place where you will use them the most.

Remember to Stay Connected

While you are working from home, the importance of good communication doubles. Make sure that you’re readily available vie e-mail, phone, text, instant message, or video calls. If you are ever in doubt, it is always best to over-communicate until told otherwise. Make sure to be vocal about your activities and accomplishments while you are away from the office.

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