Spring Maintenance Tips

Here are some helpful Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home:

Service your HVAC (AC Unit). Check and make sure the unit is working properly before the summer heat is upon us. Replace filters if necessary.

Windows and Screens. Check the weather stripping and caulk around the windows. Make sure the screens are in good shape with no holes or tears. Open the windows. It is a great and effective way to naturally aerate your home. Wipe down the interior windowsills.

Garage. It is a good time to clean the garage if necessary. Also check to make sure the garage door is working well.

Smoke Detectors. Check to make sure they are working properly and change batteries if necessary.

Outdoor Furniture. Clean and inspect any furniture you have in your outdoor space.

Pest Control. If you do not have a monthly service, it is a good time of year to have the outdoor and indoor space sprayed.

Cleaning. Everyone has heard the expression “spring cleaning”. It’s a good time of year to do some thorough cleaning of some items you may only get a chance to do once a year. Some ideas are – clean baseboards; dust blinds; wash windows; dust and shine overhead lights and fans; dust and/or vacuum light fixtures and lamp shades.

If you are currently thinking about moving and looking at our Mosaic community, your HOA fees cover things like building exterior inspections and maintenance, roof inspections and maintenance, inspection of outdoor AC units, exterior landscaping maintenance including parks, pools, walking areas and street sweeping. Basically, everything located outside of your home is maintained by professionals.