Why Are You Still Renting?

Touchstone Living Makes Homeownership Possible. There are many benefits to owning vs. renting and with our simple buying and easy loan qualifying process we would like to show you how homeownership is possible. Nobody makes it easier.

Rent will continue to rise. The U.S. Census Bureau shows that the median asking rent has continued to climb year after year since 1997. After your first one-year lease, there is nothing you can do about your rent being raised. When you own, you can lock in your monthly payment for the life of your loan. This will create consistency and predictability in your payments.

When you own, you are building your own wealth by earning equity. Your money is going towards creating a savings for you and your future. When you rent, your money is going to build your landlord’s wealth. Basically, they are building their wealth in their sleep and they are doing it from your money.

Is the hurdle of the cost of a down payment preventing you from buying? There is a myth with homeownership that you need 20% Down. This is not true. There are many low-down payment options and we also have $0 down opportunities. Our Preferred Lenders are some of the best in the business and will help you find the right loan for you.

When you own, the home is yours and not someone else’s. You have a space that is entirely yours and you have the freedom to do with it what you want. It is your place. It is your home. And it is brand new!

Visit any of our communities today and let’s make homeownership a reality for you.