Did you know that your new Touchstone Living home is 100% ENERGY STAR? What does this mean? That it is better built and was designed to reduce your energy costs and lower your utility bills. It is designed and built to higher standards. An ENERGY STAR home is not only good for your pocketbook but also the planet.

To earn the blue ENERGY STAR label, your home has had to undergo a rigorous process of third-party testing and verification to ensure it delivers better quality, comfort and value. The blue ENERGY STAR label means Peace of Mind and Energy-efficient living. It means that your home is more energy efficient than typical new construction homes without the label.

Your home is your private oasis. A place where you should find safety and comfort. We want to make sure it feels that way. Better is better and you are getting better with your new Touchstone Living home. And this is INCLUDED at no extra cost.

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